Wednesday, May 31, 2017

22 May 2017

hello everyone. sounds like ou all are going to have a fun busy week! matthew, congrats on your ne job you will have in finland is it cold there? i hopoe everyone at home ha s fun memorial day weekend. 

saturday the baptism of Jonathan went well, it as very spiritual. He bore a nice testimony and had a lot of famil and friends there to watch that are not members. This week unfortunately Lilian who we marekd a baptism is passing through some serious dificulties and she doesn´t want to continue to be taught for the meanwhile. But this week we were very blessed with other things. An investigator we found named Darci went to church and just loved it. he is great! he is about 75 years old and we met him when we were helping another man with heavy grocery bags and he called towards us and invited us to visit him. At church it was very spiritual because he does not read and the lesson in gospel priciples was about faith and there was a story about a man who wanted to leanr how to read so he prayed and worked hard and was able to learn how to read. He was very motivated by this and wants to learn how to read and has a lot of faith that this is the true church. I als studied a lot this week about really loving and serving and being a Christlike example for others because that is when they recongize that we are representatives of the Lord. I firmly believe that Darci recongized this when he saw us helping someone with the heavy bags. 

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