Monday, January 23, 2017

23 January 2017

oi familia

how are you all doing? that sounds like a nice warm winter there.

the baptism saturday went well, it was nice and spiritual and the new members will be great for the ward. Last p-day i cut my hair and we asked the hair cutting lady if she would like to hear our message and she agreed and we visited her this week and she was very receptive. She is devoted to the 7th day adventist church, but foudn interest in temples and baptisms for the dead so ib hope she will progress! It is also nice to see that some less active members that we re visitng are coming back to church.

like i said in the other email, we visited a little bird zoo that was so cool, dranks sugar cane jice and crepes on a stick. A lady there also gave us peacock feathers to keep that are huge! in was a fun little adventure. things are going well with my companion and this week i learned a little more about being humble and sincere with myself, the lord, and others and always working to exercise more faith. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

9 January 2017

Tudo bem!

How are you all doing? it sounds like the weather is crazy there and that you all have a lot going on with the start of a new year. good luck with everything!

This week was good. Felipe is progressing really well, went to church again and will be baptized on the 21st. I have never seen an investigator so excited to learn and change. At the beginning fo the week we taught him about teh book of mormon and 2 days later we came backa nd he was already in chapter 7 , had downloaded the church app on his phone and had already examined everything on the app: scriptures, hymns, general conference, family history, etc. and in church he was participating in the classes. We haven´t even taught him the word of wisdom yet and he already quit drinking coffee. Lots of miracles! We also have other good investigators from other religions but are really understanding about teh plan of salvation and restauration so that is great. My companion and I are getting along well and I am learning a ton.

There were some hard, reflecting experiences this week that made me think a lot about teh plan of salvation and find comfort in the love of God and in Christ´s atonement. I also really learned about praying continually at all times and the power and influence that this has in our day and life. We should not do anything without praying first or at least having a prayer in our heart. 

I love you all and am grateful to have you all as part of my family and I am grateful for teh atonement of Jesus Christ to bring hope to our lives. I know that the plan of salvation is real and I look forward to be together for eternity. 

Boa semana :)

Monday, January 2, 2017

2 January 2017

hi everyone! happy new year! thank you mom and dad for the birthday message that appeared in the mission news this month. 

How was the new year? do you all have pictures of your travels and things you did over the break?

this week we ahd transfers and my new companion is sister Arroyo from Argentina. She´s cool and is a convert for just 3 years now! I am able to learn more with her and stretch my comfort zone. We had a great week of work, found a ton of new investigators, especially couples and families wich is great because God´s purpose is eternal families! We also contacted a reference from e member that is golden, went to church the next day, had a ton of questions, and loved it! his name is Felipe.

This week I learned a lot more about God´s plan for us and how he knows us perfectly and sees us not as we are now, but He sees our potential. That´s why He will not leave us in our comfort zone, but keep pushing us with trials and obstacles so that we can have continual progress and eventually reach our eternal potential. And during all of this He will constantly love us and help us when we turn to Him. 

I love you all have a great week!


26 December 2016

I won´t write a lot today because we talked yesterday, but i´m sending a bunch of pictures from my compaion´s camera, It was great to talk to you all and i´m glad everyone is doing well, i am happy here and excited for a new transfer with a new companion, Sister Arroyo (but i am very sad for Sister VIcente to leave because she is awesome :( ) but yeah have a great week everyone!