Monday, January 2, 2017

2 January 2017

hi everyone! happy new year! thank you mom and dad for the birthday message that appeared in the mission news this month. 

How was the new year? do you all have pictures of your travels and things you did over the break?

this week we ahd transfers and my new companion is sister Arroyo from Argentina. She´s cool and is a convert for just 3 years now! I am able to learn more with her and stretch my comfort zone. We had a great week of work, found a ton of new investigators, especially couples and families wich is great because God´s purpose is eternal families! We also contacted a reference from e member that is golden, went to church the next day, had a ton of questions, and loved it! his name is Felipe.

This week I learned a lot more about God´s plan for us and how he knows us perfectly and sees us not as we are now, but He sees our potential. That´s why He will not leave us in our comfort zone, but keep pushing us with trials and obstacles so that we can have continual progress and eventually reach our eternal potential. And during all of this He will constantly love us and help us when we turn to Him. 

I love you all have a great week!


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