Monday, February 20, 2017

20 February 2017

oi family

How are you all doing? it feels like time is flying by so fast, i can´t believe it is already the last week of february.

This week was a little crazy. We helped a less active member paint her house, so i was thinking about mom who also was painting a house.... we were able to find a lot of great new investigators and now we need to work hard to help them progress. Also this week a member´s dad that we were teaching passd away from a sudden tumor in his intestine, so we went to the viewing and sang a hymn. It is sad, but good to know that he is in a better place and not suffering (he was also blind) and now missionaries on the other side can continue the work and his family can baptize him in the temple. Everything is part of God´s plan. We also are continuing to teach a member´s mom, Gleci, who is very evangelical, but there is progress and we ahd a family night with them this week.

This week i thought a lot about the importance of doing what is right and being obedient. Like D&C 82:10 says, when we are obedient, God is bound to bless us and fulfill his promises, but when we are not obedient, we have no promise. Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. 

an investigator gave me a ``prenda´´ dress that Gaúchas use!

family night with Gleci,

Jean is a member from the ward here that got his mission call and leaves this week for Manaus, Brasil

Sunday, February 19, 2017

13 February 2017

oi! how are you all doing? sounds fun that mom is in utah getting together with family and daniel too. how is everyone else doing? crazy the family is dispersed all over the world! that´s awesome i hope everyone takes lots of pictures and present them to the family together with all the cool experiences!

this week was good, we had a zone conference that was great and I learned a lot. This work was a little difficult and we weren´t able to make a lot of progress with our investigators, but hopefully this week will be better. Yesterday we got rained on very hard and were extremely soaked (picture included) so that was kinda fun haha. Pedro and Rosané traveled, but we have an appointment with them tonight to resolve some questions that they have... 

This week i learned more about trusting in the will of the Lord, even when it is not our will. Accepting that God knows us perfectly and knows exactly what we need and the comfort that the atonement brings to know that He already passed through it all. That´s why He best knows what we need and what will help us learn and grow. 

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, February 6, 2017

6 February 2017

oi familia

This week was good, Pedro and Rosané (that golden family) came to church yesterday after they had cancled all other plans to be able to go. The daughter Bruna was traveling but she will go the next time. We are also teaching an evangelic lady that is the mom of a recent convert. She is great, but has a lot of mixed up ideas in her head because she is a ``prophet´´ in her evangelic church but she likes our church more and we are helping her gain a testimony and understand real truths. 

This next transfer i will stay here in Cruz Alta with the same companion, Sister Arroyo and I am really excited because Sister Gibson (from my MTC group) is coming here to be a new sister training leader and live together with us! I´m excited because she is awesome and I haven´t seen her my whole mission. Sister Cornick finished her mission and went home which was sad to say goodbye. 

A thought this week is about repentance (3 Nephi 9:22). This week i trited to really apply repenance in my life for the little things such as atititudes, negative thougths, and other mistakes. It really makes a huge difference and repentance is the solution to so many problems. Sometimes we forget the importance to repent, but its as simple as recognizing a mistake, try to not do it anymore and pray for forgivenss, trusting in the Lord for strength. This way we can always feel peace and calm of heart and be happy.

Love you guys havea great week!

Friday, February 3, 2017

30 January 2017

oi familia! i don´t have much time today but there is a lot to say!

first, i hope mom and dad are getting better and ben´s trip sounds so cool, i hope he has a great time! 

also, this week there was a worldwide missionary transmission and there were some changes. The daily schedule changed: now we have 2 more hours on p-day, companion study is more felxible, and the schedule to wake up and go to bed changes depending on the continent. In south america we sleep in a little more and go to bed a little later. also there are only 4 key indicators now! baptism, dates marked, investigators at church,a dn new investigators. the transmission was very good and spiritual and I leanred a lot. 

We had an amazing experience with a golden family. We had already taught the mom and daughter, but this time the dad was there too and the mom had told us and him that she wants us to share the message with him too so we taught the whole family ther restauration and by the end the mom and daughter were crying and the daughter asked, ```why would God wait all that time without sending a prophet?´´ and we explained that like a parent who gives an amazing gift to a child who doesn´t want it, God gave his son and the peoiple rejected him so he waited until the people were prepared again and she started crying so much and said she had gone to the Lutheran church her whole life and never felt how she felt just then. We explained that it was the spirit and she said it is impossible not to beleive in our message and then the dad gave the closing prare and it was beautiful and sincere and he thanked God for the wonderful feelings that the family felt. It was seriously the best feeling ever i couldn´t help but just smile.

Have a great week!