Tuesday, April 25, 2017

24 April 2-17

Hey everyone! how is it going? Happy birthday to matthew!!! have fun traveling!! 

this was a great, crazy week.  The work was good and Juarez is going to be baptized next week! BUT, i won´t be here :( I am being transfered again and Sister Gartner is going back home to Santa Maria so we are closing the area here and the elders serving in our ward are going to take over our area too. I am going to São Pedro do Sul to open an area that has not had missionaries for a few months and my companion will be another ``short term´´ sister from Cruz Alta! There a few of these missionaries now in our mission because there is lacking in the number of missionaries here.  São Pedro is a small town with a small branch so it will be a good challenge there but i really hope i can make a difference there and learn even more. 

We had a great conference in Santa Maria and I could learn more about a lot of things, especially faith. Presidente Louza talked about EXERCISING faith. He said the exercises are not easy, but they make you stronger and make you feel good and is the same thing with our faith. We can never doubt that we have faith, but always work to strengthen it, and strengthen it by bexercising it. The little things we do in the gospel are really the most important things because they make a huge difference in our atitudde, spirituality, and progress. I love you all, have a great week 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

17 April 2017

hey everyone! this was a great week with lots of success and miracles! we founds a ton of great new investigators and the family that i mentioned last week visited church and loved it. some of our other investigators traveled for the holiday so we have to visit them more and prepare them well for baptism. I also traveled to Cruz Alta for a division and there was a ward activity where i could see everyone from my old ward there and it was so great i realized how much i love everyone and i was happy to see many less actives that are active now! Also here in santo angelo there was a stake relief society activity where i could see many of the sister from Santa Rosa, my first area and it was so weird to see everyone from there after e year but they all remembered me so that´s good! 

This week i learned a bit about atitude and things we say because i read in the liahona of this month a very good article ``the war goes on´´ and i learned a lot about the techniques that satan uses. But something specifically interesting that i learned is that satan can not know our thoughts or weaknesses unless we say it out loud. That´s one reason it is so important to never complain, speak unkindly about others or say anything negative. And other interesting tactics to recognize satan´s temptation and overcome them. I recommend the article. But it was a great week and I learned a lot. i continue to learn so much every day, recognize more and more weaknesses every day and learn to trust in the Lord.

Monday, April 10, 2017

10 April 2017

bom dia!

how are you all doing? excited for easter and spring? has anyone seen the church´s easter video?

I am loving my companion, we get along great and its fun to have a companion from here. this week was good, we found some great new investigators from references and we are working with a girl named Dani that went to general conference and to church again this sunday. she is really great but her mom doe not want ehr to be baptized yet so we are working with that. The work is going! And i was able to study a bit more and apply the conference talks this week. I really like the talk about following the spirit by acting immediately on first impressions because they are almost always promptings from the spirit. It makes a huge difference in faith and acting without doubting. I love the gospel and I know that when we look to follow the prophet, the apostles, and most importantly the savior, we are blessed and have peace. 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

3 April 2017

hello everyone! wasn´t conference amazing? did anyone else spot Daniel (30 years in the future) in the mormon tabernacle choir? also, My old mission president´s brother was called as a seventy general aouthority, Adilson Parrela, so that was cool and it was cool to hear talks from brasileiros! I really loved conference and learned so much. there were so many themes that just show how inspired the messages are and how they really come straight from heavenly father. There were many themes about the pre-earth life, the nature of the holy ghost, the importance of studying ``The living Christ´´, and the importance to teach and correct others with love which casts out all fear.  really loved all of the talks but one that stood out to me was from Ulisses Soares (not just because he is from Brasil) but I loved how he said that the solution to almost everything is to put your trust in God AND SERVE HIM WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART. if we do those 2 things, we will be free from any kind of captivity and recieve all of the promised blessings that we need. based on M. Russell Ballard´s talk, i set lots of new goals and invite you all to do the same! these things are really what is most important for us TODAY. 

things are going well here, we have some good progressing investigators and have a lot more work to do to help investigators, find new people to teach, and help activate recent converts and less actives. it sounds like you all are doign really well and i am so happy for everyone have an amazing week! tchau :)