Tuesday, April 25, 2017

24 April 2-17

Hey everyone! how is it going? Happy birthday to matthew!!! have fun traveling!! 

this was a great, crazy week.  The work was good and Juarez is going to be baptized next week! BUT, i won´t be here :( I am being transfered again and Sister Gartner is going back home to Santa Maria so we are closing the area here and the elders serving in our ward are going to take over our area too. I am going to São Pedro do Sul to open an area that has not had missionaries for a few months and my companion will be another ``short term´´ sister from Cruz Alta! There a few of these missionaries now in our mission because there is lacking in the number of missionaries here.  São Pedro is a small town with a small branch so it will be a good challenge there but i really hope i can make a difference there and learn even more. 

We had a great conference in Santa Maria and I could learn more about a lot of things, especially faith. Presidente Louza talked about EXERCISING faith. He said the exercises are not easy, but they make you stronger and make you feel good and is the same thing with our faith. We can never doubt that we have faith, but always work to strengthen it, and strengthen it by bexercising it. The little things we do in the gospel are really the most important things because they make a huge difference in our atitudde, spirituality, and progress. I love you all, have a great week 

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