Wednesday, April 5, 2017

3 April 2017

hello everyone! wasn´t conference amazing? did anyone else spot Daniel (30 years in the future) in the mormon tabernacle choir? also, My old mission president´s brother was called as a seventy general aouthority, Adilson Parrela, so that was cool and it was cool to hear talks from brasileiros! I really loved conference and learned so much. there were so many themes that just show how inspired the messages are and how they really come straight from heavenly father. There were many themes about the pre-earth life, the nature of the holy ghost, the importance of studying ``The living Christ´´, and the importance to teach and correct others with love which casts out all fear.  really loved all of the talks but one that stood out to me was from Ulisses Soares (not just because he is from Brasil) but I loved how he said that the solution to almost everything is to put your trust in God AND SERVE HIM WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART. if we do those 2 things, we will be free from any kind of captivity and recieve all of the promised blessings that we need. based on M. Russell Ballard´s talk, i set lots of new goals and invite you all to do the same! these things are really what is most important for us TODAY. 

things are going well here, we have some good progressing investigators and have a lot more work to do to help investigators, find new people to teach, and help activate recent converts and less actives. it sounds like you all are doign really well and i am so happy for everyone have an amazing week! tchau :)

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