Thursday, April 20, 2017

17 April 2017

hey everyone! this was a great week with lots of success and miracles! we founds a ton of great new investigators and the family that i mentioned last week visited church and loved it. some of our other investigators traveled for the holiday so we have to visit them more and prepare them well for baptism. I also traveled to Cruz Alta for a division and there was a ward activity where i could see everyone from my old ward there and it was so great i realized how much i love everyone and i was happy to see many less actives that are active now! Also here in santo angelo there was a stake relief society activity where i could see many of the sister from Santa Rosa, my first area and it was so weird to see everyone from there after e year but they all remembered me so that´s good! 

This week i learned a bit about atitude and things we say because i read in the liahona of this month a very good article ``the war goes on´´ and i learned a lot about the techniques that satan uses. But something specifically interesting that i learned is that satan can not know our thoughts or weaknesses unless we say it out loud. That´s one reason it is so important to never complain, speak unkindly about others or say anything negative. And other interesting tactics to recognize satan´s temptation and overcome them. I recommend the article. But it was a great week and I learned a lot. i continue to learn so much every day, recognize more and more weaknesses every day and learn to trust in the Lord.

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