Monday, June 27, 2016

27 June 2016

Oi familia! there is not much to write this week. This week I had another divison a few hours away in Cruz Alta which was good. President and sister Parrela leave tomorrow and the new president and sister Louza come July 1st. We will meet them July 7th in Cruz Alta. I am excited to meet them. The work is going and I am getting along well with my companion. A quote I saw in the apartment in Cruz Alta that I´d like to share is: 

``Of this I am sure: you do not find the happy life. you make it.´´ -- Thomas S. Monson

How is everyone doing?? Matthew, tell me about you trip andsend some pictures! I hope deep creek was good, Mom and Dad. Giid luck with all of your activites this week!

photos: a ``feast´´ i made last P-day and ``cookies´´ that i made today at the request of my companion. 

20 June 2016

Oi familia! Happy fathers day to dad and nathan! I didn´t remember last week that yesterday was fathers day because in brasil, Fathers day is in august. It is weird that mothers day is the same day, but fathers day is different. Yesterday we had stake conference in Santo Angelo which was really good. A member of the seventy spoke and it was really powerful. he spoke a lot about 1. having a broken heart and a contrite spirit and 2. The sabbath day. He made it clear that the sabbath is the DAY of the Lord, not HALF a day of the Lord. It starts at 12 saturday night and ends at 12 sunday night and we should do evrythign we can to dedicte the whole day to the Lord.
The work is going well. We are working a lot to reactivate less actives. We also have some new investigators with a lot of potential, they just have to get married! And we also have an investigator named Brenda who is 12 years old and she is great and wants to get baptized, but her mom wants to check out the church before she allows her to be baotized, which is great too. I hope the whole family will join the church. 

I hope you all are doing well and taking advantage of warm weather! love you all! Tchau

Monday, June 13, 2016

13 June 2016

Boa tarde! I hope you all are doing well! It´s crazy that matthew is so relatively close to me down here in south america, I hope he is enjoying is nice long trip and taking lots of pictures! 

It has been really cold here this week and winter has not even started yet! It got down to -6 degrees or so during the nights. Celcius... but still. I never would ahve thought Brasil could be this cold, I feel more like I am serving in Canada! Also, feliz Dia Dos Namorados (AKA valentines day). Here in brasil, valentines day was yesterday...

The work is going well, we are working hard and making good progress. It is hard now to see the fruits of our labors, but I know none ofour work goes to waste. My companion is awesome and probably ahs the most scriptural knowledge than anyone I have ever met!

A thought for this week is a scripture to look up that i love: Mosiah 2:41

 I love you all, have a great week!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

30 May 2016

Bom dia familia! I am going to stay in Santa Rosa this transfer!! I am so happy and excited, I love it here! Sister Moraes is being transfered, however, to Uruguaiana, an area far away on the border of uruguay. I will miss her, she was a great companion.I don´t know if I ever said that she only has been on her mission for 2 months longer than me and she was already training. My new companion will be Sister Soares Da Silva. I believe she is from Baía and everyone who knows her says she is awesome and hilarious. 

Let me explain some of the pictures. There are a few of the city that I took from the roof of our apartment building. beautiful né? Also, missionaries are now allowed to use some types of hats and sunglasses in brasil and there is a picture of us celebrating this new liberation. As far as the new rule about pants goes, I do not know if that will apply to our mission, but I don´t think it will. I can´t imagine being a sister in long pants. There is also a picture of me and the umbrella that came free with the chocolate easter eggs we bought. They were on sale for very cheap. 

We are continuing to find new investigators and visit our old ones, but nothing extremeley notable happened this week. I am looking forward to working hard this next transfer and continue to learn and grow.