Sunday, June 5, 2016

30 May 2016

Bom dia familia! I am going to stay in Santa Rosa this transfer!! I am so happy and excited, I love it here! Sister Moraes is being transfered, however, to Uruguaiana, an area far away on the border of uruguay. I will miss her, she was a great companion.I don´t know if I ever said that she only has been on her mission for 2 months longer than me and she was already training. My new companion will be Sister Soares Da Silva. I believe she is from Baía and everyone who knows her says she is awesome and hilarious. 

Let me explain some of the pictures. There are a few of the city that I took from the roof of our apartment building. beautiful né? Also, missionaries are now allowed to use some types of hats and sunglasses in brasil and there is a picture of us celebrating this new liberation. As far as the new rule about pants goes, I do not know if that will apply to our mission, but I don´t think it will. I can´t imagine being a sister in long pants. There is also a picture of me and the umbrella that came free with the chocolate easter eggs we bought. They were on sale for very cheap. 

We are continuing to find new investigators and visit our old ones, but nothing extremeley notable happened this week. I am looking forward to working hard this next transfer and continue to learn and grow.

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