Monday, June 27, 2016

20 June 2016

Oi familia! Happy fathers day to dad and nathan! I didn´t remember last week that yesterday was fathers day because in brasil, Fathers day is in august. It is weird that mothers day is the same day, but fathers day is different. Yesterday we had stake conference in Santo Angelo which was really good. A member of the seventy spoke and it was really powerful. he spoke a lot about 1. having a broken heart and a contrite spirit and 2. The sabbath day. He made it clear that the sabbath is the DAY of the Lord, not HALF a day of the Lord. It starts at 12 saturday night and ends at 12 sunday night and we should do evrythign we can to dedicte the whole day to the Lord.
The work is going well. We are working a lot to reactivate less actives. We also have some new investigators with a lot of potential, they just have to get married! And we also have an investigator named Brenda who is 12 years old and she is great and wants to get baptized, but her mom wants to check out the church before she allows her to be baotized, which is great too. I hope the whole family will join the church. 

I hope you all are doing well and taking advantage of warm weather! love you all! Tchau

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