Monday, March 27, 2017

26 March 2017

How are you all doing? sounds like you all are having fun, hopefully i will have the privilege to go to that fancy sushi place one day too.
This week was a little bit stressful, but good! i´m in my new are in Santo Angelo, the biggest city that i have served in so far. Sister Gartner is great and enthusiastic and it is fun to serve with a ``gaúcha´´. There is a large group of investigators here, and the ward seems good. Saturday we met a guy named Juarez teaching some investigators that are his relatives and we invited them all to church. The family did not show up at church and we didn´t have any investigators there but i was praying for a miracle and when the meeting was starting, Juarez showed up and he payed atention in all of the meetings and said that he liked it a lot! I was so happy.
A little thought this week is that I know that Jesus suffered for all of our sins and imperfections and that he loves us more than we can imagine. We can show our gratitude for Him by trying to be better each day and leaving our comfort zone to get over our weaknesses and also by serving others.

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