Sunday, March 19, 2017

13 March 2017

oi familia!
how are you all? happy birthday to nathan and alli! i hope you guys get at least one good snow storm this weeek! these past couple days it cooled down to about 75 degrees and we all had to pull out our sweaters and jackets and blankets haha it seems liek autumn is getting ready to start.

this week was great, we found some great families, one of which just moved in right in front of the chapel. they are great, the lady already recieved missionaries when she was young, but lost contact and ever since that she has continued to pray using the steps that the missionaries taught. we taught them all together and they all accepted baptism! they have 3 kids, one of which recently was treated for leukemia and he is just 7 years old but he is better now and doesn´t have cancer anymore. we are also working with that older couple Albino and Eva that really like church last week and we have a family night with them tonight with another couple in the ward. the work is going well!

this week i read a great talk that i had never read before called ``on giving and getting´´ and it had some great thoguths on the importance of doing things, not to get rewards, but out of the pure desire to give and serve. It also talked about how we really have to work and give effort in order to progress in this life instead of always want the easy way out and run from our problems. real growth and progress only comes when we face our problems and fears. 

i hope you all have a great week i love you and pray for you! :)

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