Monday, March 20, 2017

20 March 2017

hope you all ahd fun in teh snow! it starting to get a bit cold here too. That´s fun that everyone is traveling so much! 

This week i am being transfered to Santo Angelo, a city a little bigger than Cruz Alta. I will be comanions with a sister that is doing ``curto prazo´´ which is a program for people deciding if they want to serve a mission do a mini mission for 1-3 months. She already served one transfer and this will be her second. She is from Santa Maria and I met her once she seems really great!

Last week we had a lot of miracles. we are working with great families and on sunday a family showed up at church that was searchinf for a chapel because they live in another city that doesn´t have the church yet and they ahve relatives that paremembers and wanted to check it out. They loved it and Sister arroyo wither her new companion will start teaching them.

 Also another miracle happened that also taught me a lesson. We were walking on the street when an investigator (that evangelical lady) called on the phone and said that she recieved an answer and knows that this is the true church and that it will change and bless her family. She said she wants to be baptized as soon as possible, that same day if it were possible. Unfortunately, she can´t be baptized yet, but it was still amazing to see the changes that the spirit has made in her. 

I learned that the Lord is always working small miracles in out lives and we have to always be grateful because sometimes we don´t recognize the small miracles but they happen. And even though it didn´t turn out how i wanted because she was not baptized this transfer, it was still a miracle that she recieved an answer and called and i couldn´t be less grateful after i found out that she couldn´t be baptized than i was when she first called us. I hope that story made sense. 
Anyway, i lover you all, have a great week!!

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