Monday, May 1, 2017

1 May 2017

Hello! so, it was for me to be in São pedro now, but funny story. I got on the bus to santa Maria and arrived at the bus station to find out that they had not yet arranged a place to live in São Pedro so i would stay in Santa Maria for who knows how long until they arranged everything there. SO this week we stayed and worked in Santa Maria which was interesting. It is way different here than the rest of the cities that i served because it is way more urban and there are tons of young, busy people and they are a little bit colder. It seemed to me like the ``New York City´´ of Rio Grande do Sul. We were just talking with everyone and finding new people to teach this week. It was good beause i learned a lot and also i think i learned a lot more about charity and treating others with love. My new companion Sister Costa is awesome she is from Cruz Alta and she is really sweet and fun! It´s fun to have another companion gaúcha! sometime this week we will rpobably get to go to our new area which will be another great challenge! but i am excited! It has also been very cold here this week. Winter is arriving!

congrats daniel with the graduation!! also mothers day is coming up, is there a specific time that i should call you guys? if not, it will probably be in the afternoon sometime.

something that i learned today in a talk that i read is that questions are good. it does not mean that we don´t have faith, but questions allow us to learn and progress, work to recieve revelation and aquire more faith. so whenever we have a question or dificuldade, we should ask God with faith and then study it out and we will be able to learn the mysteries of God. 

Have a great week everyone!

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