Sunday, May 14, 2017

8 May 2017

hello everyone! i don´t have much time but i have a lot to say! first of all, next week i will try to skpe 6:00 here which mught be 5:00 there. and.... we are STILL in Santa Maria!! we will finally go to são pedro today. but i have a great story because there really was a purpose for us being here. 

On monday, we walked the whole day and then when we started to work at 6:00, EVERYTHING fell through and we were tired and discouraged. It was 9:00 and we were close to home ut now we don´t go home until 9:30 and so there was sill 30 minutes to work. We were tired and wanted to go home, but i was praying silently to find someone and we decided to continue and knock more doors. It was dark and there was no one in the street and after many ``no´´s we passed a house and it called my attention so we knocked there and a young man came out and seemed really interested. it turns out his mom was baptized a year ago and passed away 5 months ago and he listened to the messages before and has visited church. We marked a day to return and teached him the basic steps of the gospel and invited him to b baptized and he accepted, went to chuch on sunday and bore his testimony that what he wants most is to be baptized and that God sent the missionaries to find him again. It was so spriitual and i leanred so many lessons. i learnedthe importance of being obedient and enduring to the end even when we are tired and it is had, because that is when the most blessings come. Also I was reminded that God is always preparing people and he knows where they are so we need to pray continually and always seek to follow the spirit and do his will. God works in mysterious ways and everyhting happens for a reason but i know that´s why we had to stay here for 2 weeks while it was tkaing a while to set up our new house. Miracles happen!

I lvoe yo all, ahve a great week, until mothers day!!

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