Wednesday, May 31, 2017

29 May 2017

hello! sounds like you all had a very fun weekend! did the nats win? it was also a fun exciting week here with lots of rain. this week we had a lot of creative activities--- we started teaching piano and english classes at the church that we will give every saturday. we also were in the newspaper, a lady interviewed me and sister christensen (we were in a division that day) and they also announced the classes on the radio. we are famous in this small town! we also have great investigators, including a 14 yeard old girl, Joice, that went to a youth activity. at the activity we watched a cool new video from the chruch about the scriptures and the book of mormon and then ate pizza. Joice loved it and shared her testimony too about teh scriptures (she knows the bible very well). Looking forwrd to another great week! 

here´s a quote that i heard and i liked:

``Before you share the gospel with the world, you have to share it with your neighbor.´´

i love you all, have another great week and enjoy the warm summer! 

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