Friday, February 3, 2017

30 January 2017

oi familia! i don´t have much time today but there is a lot to say!

first, i hope mom and dad are getting better and ben´s trip sounds so cool, i hope he has a great time! 

also, this week there was a worldwide missionary transmission and there were some changes. The daily schedule changed: now we have 2 more hours on p-day, companion study is more felxible, and the schedule to wake up and go to bed changes depending on the continent. In south america we sleep in a little more and go to bed a little later. also there are only 4 key indicators now! baptism, dates marked, investigators at church,a dn new investigators. the transmission was very good and spiritual and I leanred a lot. 

We had an amazing experience with a golden family. We had already taught the mom and daughter, but this time the dad was there too and the mom had told us and him that she wants us to share the message with him too so we taught the whole family ther restauration and by the end the mom and daughter were crying and the daughter asked, ```why would God wait all that time without sending a prophet?´´ and we explained that like a parent who gives an amazing gift to a child who doesn´t want it, God gave his son and the peoiple rejected him so he waited until the people were prepared again and she started crying so much and said she had gone to the Lutheran church her whole life and never felt how she felt just then. We explained that it was the spirit and she said it is impossible not to beleive in our message and then the dad gave the closing prare and it was beautiful and sincere and he thanked God for the wonderful feelings that the family felt. It was seriously the best feeling ever i couldn´t help but just smile.

Have a great week!

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