Monday, January 23, 2017

23 January 2017

oi familia

how are you all doing? that sounds like a nice warm winter there.

the baptism saturday went well, it was nice and spiritual and the new members will be great for the ward. Last p-day i cut my hair and we asked the hair cutting lady if she would like to hear our message and she agreed and we visited her this week and she was very receptive. She is devoted to the 7th day adventist church, but foudn interest in temples and baptisms for the dead so ib hope she will progress! It is also nice to see that some less active members that we re visitng are coming back to church.

like i said in the other email, we visited a little bird zoo that was so cool, dranks sugar cane jice and crepes on a stick. A lady there also gave us peacock feathers to keep that are huge! in was a fun little adventure. things are going well with my companion and this week i learned a little more about being humble and sincere with myself, the lord, and others and always working to exercise more faith. 

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