Thursday, June 8, 2017

5 June 2017

hello how is everyone doing? sounds like everyone had a fun busy week with travels and the start of summer. we had another good cold rainy week here. so far, not many people have gone to our english and piano classes, but people are showing interest, even 2 people today in the market called for us to ask about the classes. 

this week had a lo of ups and downs but we really sa a lot of miracles. we founda lady who is very interested and accepted a baptismal date, but we were sad when she didn´t go to church. we also spent 45 minutes waiting for other investigators outside of the church and it appeared that no one would show up so we went inside but as soon as we entered relief society the branch president called for us because a family of investigators showed up! we were so happy, they are really great they a different religion, assembly of God, but they love to go to our church too, they used to attend our churhc in another city. I learned a lot about not doubting, but always expecting and waiting for miracles and then they happen when you least expect it. I think this week i elarned a lot about faith and all the good things that happen when we have faith and faith is what gives us strength to keep going in the hard times.

read alma 44:4 :)

love you all have a great week!

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