Wednesday, April 27, 2016

25 April 2016

Bom dia!
What a week! The work is going well here, this week we found a lot of new investigators with great potential, particularly young people are the most interested and we are going to have a family night this week and get them all to come. The members in our ward are great too and help a lot with missionary work. Portuguese is going well and continuing to improve. Last night was the craziest lightning storm I have ever seen. There were constant huge flashes of lighting for hours it was like a firework show. It was a little freaky but really pretty and it poured so hard we were in the street and got drenched. Then it continued all throughout the night. I think it is supposed to start cooling down here in the next few weeks too. Mom, Dad and Daniel, your trip sounds and looks awesome! I´m glad you guys could do that and hope it was fun. Thanks for sending some pictures. I enjoy recieving pictures from you all. Congrats Nathan and Amy!! I am so surprised that it is another girl but that is awesome! I hope the name Sarah is included as an option in the name selection process :) I hope everyone is doing well. On mothers day i will be able to skype! I´ll try to send more details next week, but make sure you have skype accessible. Tchau boa semana

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