Monday, March 21, 2016

22 March 2016

Hi everyone! first i need to apologize that i might not respond to your individual emails and questions until next week because the internet was not working and i don´t have very much time. But i took pictures of all of them to read this afternoon. I will try to attach some photos but i might not have time for that either. my first area is santa rosa and it is so awesome! it is a cute little city with a lot of people with german ancestry and the people are all really nice. apparently in this area everyone is really nice but not very receptive or motivated to change. Rio grande do sul is like the texas of brazil and there are tons of gauchos and the accent is really hard to understand. Sometimes i can speak and they understand me but sometimes not... one time a kid thought i was speaking german so that was fun. I love my companion sister moraes. she is a really hard worker and great example. she knows no english but we understand each other pretty well so i am thankful for that. and she is just really cute and fun. yesterday i had chorrasco (brazilian barbeque) for the first time and it was SO. GOOD. But it was also probably the hardest week of my life. People weren´t joking when they said missions are hard, but it is also the best. Whenever we had a good lesson or contact i was too happy to think about all the hard things. Anyay you all should read mosiah 24:15 it shows me how God doesn´t take away our burdens but makes them light and gives us the strength and patience to endure them and I definately saw that this week and know that to be true. Tchau! I also don´t know what pictures I sent because I can´t see the actually pictures on this computer so i just guessed and hopefully they are good ones!

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