Saturday, March 12, 2016

11 March 2016

There is not a whole lot to say today because this week has been just
like the last 5 weeks here. But i am so ready and excited to go the
the field on Tuesday! The CTM has been great and a lot of fun and I
have learned a lot, but I feel like I have reached the point where I
have learned as much as I can here and now just need to experience the
real everything. That is so cool that Nathan went to India and
Switzerland! Traveling is so fun. What was it for specifiaclly? I want
to hear cool things about it. This morning we went to the Campinas
temple again because the são paulo temple is closed for cleaning. Last
P-day we bought some good food in the area and I felt exactly like
Elder Calhoun in The Best Two years when I ordered and they said
something back to me. My gospel portuguese is a lot better than my
``street´´ portuguese. I encourage you all to read Alma chapter 5 this
week and ask yourself all 44 questions in that chapter and I garuntee
you will finishe reading it a better person and knowing what you need
to improve in your life. I love and miss you all, thanks for being
such a good family! :)

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