Tuesday, September 20, 2016

19 September 2016

OI tudo bem!
How is everyone doing?? I am so happy to hear about Rebecca Marie, and I love her beautiful name. Loved seeing the pictures and I hope Amy and Rebecca are healthy and doing well. It was also fun to hear about and see pictures of the Sisters Reunion that mom had.

Happy Gaúcho week! Tomorrow is the Gaúcho holiday where there will be parades and stuff and everyone dressed in Gaúcho clothing. I also have a pair of bombachas (gaúcho pants) and a cuya (cup they use to drink chimmarrão) and photos are included! Last P-day we also learned how to make Coxinhas with a lady in the branch and thet is why there is a photo that may look like i started working at the Lancaster County Dutch Market. 

This week we went to Santa Maria again for divisions which was good. Santa Maria is a lot different than São Gabriel. We ae working hard in our area and are continuing to amke progress with Angelita and a guy named Marcelo. We are especially working to help our investigators really understand and apply for themselves the pirnciples of the gospel and applying prayer and reading the book fo mormon in their lives. Angelita is great, she just needs to get married!

A thought for the week is D&C 112:11. The whole section is very good for missionary work, but this verse talks about loving others the same as yourself. Sometimes we love others, but still think first of ourself and are not willing to sacrifice what we want, to help them, but to really have Christlike lvoe we have to view others as if they were us and give and do the best for them. 

Amo vocês! Look forward to seeing more pictures of Rebecca :)

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