Thursday, August 11, 2016

8 August 2016

My companion says ``Oi´´ to you all! 

I am sorry but I do not know the exact time that we will video chat next sunday.... I wish i had the details. I just know that it will be the afternoon so hopefully you all will be available.... sorry about that!

Happy birthday Daniel!!

Matthew, thanks for sending the pictures of spain it looks like you are ahving an awesome time! It also looks like you visited the Cristo Redentor similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro. 

I am glad the opening cermonies of the olympics was good.I hear a bit of conversation about the olympics and also about the elections in the united states, but i don´t know much about what is going on. 

The pictures are of a district lunch that we had.

This transfer is going by very fast. Yesterday President Louza visited our branch and our house here in São Gabriel. He was able to give us good coucself or the area and the work.

This week was good and I learned a lot. Mariahelena is still very interested and is working on quitting smoking, Unfortunately Tania decided to put off her baptism again, but i was able to learn a lesson about agency. We can´t force anyone to be baptized or believe or we would not be any better than Satan.  But we will continue working hard and doing our part!

Also a thought about agency is that the only thing that God doesn´t have is our agency and our test on earth is to choose to give our agency to God.

Have a great week I love you all!

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