Thursday, August 25, 2016

15 August 2016

it was great to skype with mom and dad yesterday and i hope the rest of the family is doing well. I had a good week. we were able to find a lot of elect investigators in the moment that they needed help this week which was great. we could see how the spirit guided us to those in need. Also one of our new investigators came to church yesterday, which was a miracle, and ended up already knowing some of the members and having friendships with them which is great and really imortant. Things are good with my companion, I am learning a lot with her. Sorry that it is so hot there, it is also starting to heat up here and it apparently will get very very very hot here in the summer so i am a little nervous for that...

A thought for the week from Alma 26 is that even when things are hard, we always have reason to rejoice, be grateful, and be happy and that is because we have a merciful, loving, and all-powerful God.

Amo vocês!!

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