Monday, May 23, 2016

16 May 2016

Oi familia!

I hope you all are doing well. I am so sorry and sad to hear the news about Becca. It is so unfortunate and difficult to comprehend something like this, especially when it is so unexpected. My love goes out to their family and I will keep them in my prayers. I am so grateful for our knowledge of the resurrection. I know that the only thing that can give us strength is faith in the Savior and trust in God´s plan, because while we don´t understand everything,He does. 

The work here is going well, we found an elect investigator named Rita who is the sweetest lady and was really ready to recieve the gospel. She studies deeply what we teach her and loves to pray. She talked to her fmily about baptism and said that they all support it. She came to church on Sunday and all of the members welcomed her really well. If things continue this way, she will be baptized just before the end of this transfer. Speaking of which, there are only 2 weeks left of this transfer! i can´t believe it, it is going by so fast. I am loving my mission so much and am learning so much every day!

I don´t know why, but I didn´t take any pictures this week. Dad, i tried a different bank and the card worked. Thank you. Have a great week everyone! :)

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