Monday, November 21, 2016

21 November 2016

Oi familia!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I forgot about Thanksgiving until today.... I don´t think we will do anything here to celebrate it.... but give thanks! Also that day we are going to have another conference in Santa Maria, this time just half of the mission together in each copnference, but Elder Costa (the Brasil area president) will come to speak to us. i am excited!

I am loving Cruz Alta!! It is a pretty big area with lots and lots of big hills. It is a nicer city and it is an area way fancier than in São Gabriel, and we serve in a ward. We don´t split the ward with other missionaries like i have in the past, but there are 3 other wards in the city. We are finding a lot of inactive members and recent converts that we need to work with. there are some good investigatorsl, and we are working to find more investigators with potential. There is an older couple that are great and humble, they just need to go to church, but it is hard for them because they have a daughter with mental problems that they can´t leave alone, nor bring to church with them. 

I love my new companion Sister Vicente! She is from Sergipe in the northeast of Brasil and she is really nice and funny, we are getting along great. I am continuing to learn a lot everyday and I am excited and hopeful for another great transfer! Here we live in an apartment with the Sister training leaders and right now they are a trio and two of them are americans. It is fun i love everyone in our apartment. I am also getting excited for Christmas, which I will pass here and we are starting to give out passalong cards for the enw video that i think comes out on the 25th this week. you all should watch it and let me know if it is good! 

I hope you all have a great thanksgiving, eat lots of good food, enjoy the cool weather, spend time with family, and let me know what fun things you all do! 

A thought I can share related to thanksgiving are the following:

``A grateful heart is a happy heart´´

Today i was studying about humility and learned that one way to show our humility is through our gratitude for the blessings that we have. When we express our gratitude to God, we show our love for and trust in Him and we are able to recognize the blessings and miracles that He has already given us. And we are happy! 

Have a great week :)

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