Monday, October 3, 2016

3 October 2016

oi familia! 
how is everyone?? sister saavedra and i will both continue here in são gabriel and we are happy. i´m sure elections are crazy there. they were elections here too on sunday and the streets were crazy! for the past month or so cars drive around constantly blasting theme songs of the different candidates. i´m thankful there are laws against that in the united states. then on the day of elections everyone was in the street celebrating the whole day it was really crazy, especially for just a town mayor. and wow generaly conference! wasn´t it so amazing?? angelita came to both of the sunday sessions and she will enter her marraige papers this week! marcelo also went to the morning session on saturday which was a miracle and all the talks weere so good and perfect for him and the questions he had. he is still undecided about baptism but i am hoping and praying for a miracle. we also have abunch of other great investigators with a lot of potential and we will work hard with them this transfer. 

i really loved conference and noticed some important themes. One of these themes was the basic principles of the gospel, especially repentence. God loves us more than we can imagine, faith in Jesus Christ is essential, but the speeakers made it clear that the only way we can actually be worthy to live with God again is through repentence continually throughout our lives. I also liked the theme about doing and trusting in God´s will, not ours. Many speakers quoted the Savior in gethsemane saying, ``not my will, but thine be done´´ There were so many other great themes and talks i could go on and on but i hope you all reread these talks and apply the guidance in your lives! i love you all so much have an amazing week :)

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