Friday, February 26, 2016

26 February 2016

Oi familia! Como vai?!

Is there still snow? What activities and such do you all have going on? Woohoo new niece or nephew! i´m glad everyone knows now. I think Mom is the winner, Legal Feijão = cool beans! Legal is how people say ``cool´´ and feijão means beans so Americans combined the two and it is great because it rhymes! (if you pronounce it right)

I can send pictures for free this afternoon at this delicious cookie shop across the street and can also send scanned letters, but I haven´t written any at this point so maybe next week. We went to the São Paulo temple this morning and I listened to the session in Portuguese with headphones which was cool.

Last Sunday was daylight savings here so we got an extra hour of sleep and it was the best thing ever. 101 new missionaries arrived this week, but my companion and I still don´t have new roomates! :(

So the big event of the week was proselyting. On Wednesday afternoon we rode the bus into town to get contacts and pass out Livros de Mormon. It was scary at first, but then it was SO FUN! Brasillians are the nicest people ever. EVERYONE we tried to give a book to accepted and agreed to have the missionaries come visit them. EVERYONE! And then at the end it poured rain on us and we did not have umbrellas. Every single day it is sunny in the morning and pours in the afternoon.

The food here at the CTM is good, but interesting sometimes haha. We always have 2 kinds of meat at every meal, we eat a lot of stuff that looks and tastes like sand (still have no idea what it is) and all of the desserts jiggle. Last P-day we got Brasilian hot dogs from a truck on the street and they were amazing! They were topped with mashed potatoes, cheese, and potatoe chip things. Oh and they have really good chocolate treats here.

Funny story that has happened TWICE now. It is like 10:00 at night and we hear a clinking sound outside our window and there is a bottle of Guarana hanging on a string for us. There are elders a couple of stories above us that keep giving us Guarana and it makes our day. 

Ok for a spiritual thought, I want to talk about prayer because we have been giving a lot of lessons on it and my testimony of prayer has really been strengthened. I know that God hears ALL of our prayers, even if we do not think He does because may not have responded in the way we wanted Him to. He does hear them all and He loves us at wants to bless us, just sometimes His will might be different than our will. So just have faith that He knows what He is doing and he has a plan.

Eu amo voces!


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