Friday, February 19, 2016

19 February 2016

Tudo Bem!

I hope everything is going well there! Happy Birthday Amy!!

Like I said, I can´t send photos here from the CTM, but hopefully you got the pictures that my companion sent from her camera this morning. Those were pictures from the temple last week. I will send more pictures when I go to Santa Maria. 

Today we went to the Campinas temple which is bigger but farther away. The Sao Paulo temple is about an hour drive because there is a lot of traffic. The Campinas temple was a hour and a half away but the drive was BEAUTIFUL through the country with small green mountains and the area it is in is really nice with lots of huge houses. 

So since we hardly have very little time to write, I just made a list of things that happened this week before this and I´m going from that. On Tuesday, all of the Brazilians that arrived the same day as us, including our roommates, left for the field because they only stay for 2 weeks. It was SO sad to say goodbye because I loved them all so much and I will probably never see them again. I am still not over it, I miss them a lot. And we did not get new roommates this week.

Sitting with our Brazilian friends at lunch, I said a couple of dumb things in Portuguese that made everyone laugh at me for a good five minutes, but it was fun. We had language study after dinner and I asked them if they did too and they were like, we already speak the language and I was like oh yeah... And another time we were talking about cursive and I meant to say ``I write cursive when I want it to be more pretty´´, but i accidentally said ``I write cursive when I want to be more pretty´´ and the elders were lauging so hard saying they were going to start writing cursive so they can be pretty. Yeahh, you had to be there.

On Tuesday morning we randomly went to the police station for 5 hours to do some kind of paperwork and finger printing, so that was a fun surprise. 

Cool story about the dedication of the CTM: President Nelson came to do the dedication and he knew absolutely no Portuguese, and his talk was 100% in English, but for the dedication prayer, he felt that he should do it in Portuguese so he gave a long (probably about 5 minutes) prayer in perfect, beautiful Portuguese with a perfect accent and then continued to speak in English afterwards. I read the dedication prayer hanging on the wall and I felt the spirit so strongly. There is no doubt the gift of tongues is real. It shows in me because I have only been here for 2 and a half weeks and my companion and I are already teaching 30 minute lessons in Portuguese without looking at notes. The language is coming along really well. And see if you can figure out what the subject line means!

There is probably a lot more I could write but I don´t have time so let me know if you all have questions that I am not answering.

Have a good week everyone! Tchau :)

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