Sunday, July 9, 2017

3 July 2017

hey everyone! wow 9 weeks of missionary homecomings and farwells! sounds like things are exciting in the Kentlands ward. This week was good-- the branch had a ``festa junina´´ which is a traditional party that eveyone does here this time of year. photos included. ALSO-- remember Kessy? well he said that maybe in the future he will be more ready so we  prayed a lot for him and really prayed with faith that he would feel the fault of the gospel and we waited a week and called him just to see how he was doing and without us asking he said that he reflected a bit and felt that something was missing so he want to continue to investigate and search the gospel. Miracles! I don´t remember if i said already but he hasdepression and really wants to fin a path that makes him happy. After a hard slow week we were so happy when this happened yesterday. We literally jumped for joy on the street haha (don´t worry there was no one else on that street) but i hope you all are doing well i love you all wih you all a great week :)

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