Sunday, July 17, 2016

Oi familia! I will be transfered tomorrow to São Gabriel. It is a smaller city on the opposite end of the mission, down south by the fronteir. From what I have heard, the area has a few branches and is working to become a stake. It would be different there, smaller town/area and a bit colder. I am sad to leave Santa Rosa because I love it here, but I am really excited tog et to know a new place and new people. My companion will be Sster De Olveira, who has been companions with both of my past companions too. 

We met the new mission President and his wife and they are great I love them! They have way differetn personalities than President and Sister Parrela. theya re very calm and sweet, but have a strong spirit. I was also able tosee my companion rom the CTM and another sister from our group, sister Christensen. She will come replace me here in Santa Rosa and continue working with Sister Soares Da Silva.

Unfortuantely, Sandor and Renir don´t want to continue investigating, along with many other investigators. But we are always looking for new people to teach and I hope our current investigators will be able to continue with open hearts and one day, if not now, want to accept the gospel and be baptized.

Something that I learned this week, that was also a point of one of the past conference talks, is that one way to remember the savior is by seeing Him through other people. When we recongize with gratitude the good in other people and see how they have helped us and made us feel good, we can rememebr Him.

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